Grading Policy


The aim of this policy is to ensure grading of teams is conducted fairly and effectively, and in the best interests of the Club and players. Grading is the process of establishing the number and composition of Glenwood Netball Club (Glenwood NC) teams to compete in the Baulkham Hills Shire Netball Association (BHSNA) competition. Grading is influenced by the number and ages of players registered with Glenwood NC. Grading will aim to achieve teams that have a balanced group of players in playing positions and ability levels.

Grading Committee Responsibilities

After registration, the list of players who have registered to play with the club is given to the Grading Committee. The committee then conducts a paper grading, where they discuss the recommendations of the previous year's coaches and independent player assessments to work out team numbers and player allocation.

Grading Criteria

In assessing the overall skills of a player within an age group, the Grading Committee will take into account:

• Footwork/Movement Skills

• Ball Handling

• Attacking Skills

• Defending Skills

• Perception/Cognition Skills

• Sportsmanship and Attitude

Grading Process

Coach's Evaluation

At the middle & end of the season, each coach is to provide a written evaluation of each player's skill, attendance at training and games, teamwork and attitude.

Independent Player Assessments

During the season, committee appointed assessors will attend various games and report their observations of player's skill levels back to the Grading Coordinator.

Paper Grading

Prior to practical grading, all graders will assess the above reports and place players into teams for the practical grading session.

Practical Grading

In forming teams, the Grading Committee members will take into consideration the coach's reports, independent assessment reports, paper grading and play observed at practical grading, while keeping in mind that a netball team requires a balance of height, agility and ball skills, as well as defences, centre court and shooters.

Players aged 7 and 8 years will not be graded. Requests to play with friends will be accommodated where possible, depending on overall registrations in that age group. Requests relating to team placement of 7 & 8 year olds need to be notified in writing at registration stating reasons and will be considered by the committee.

Players 9 – 15 will be practical graded.

While players from 17 to seniors are predominantly block registrations, Glenwood NC reserve the right to practically grade if necessary. The club reserves the right to place an individually registered player into a block team as required.

Players Responsibilities

If a player is unable to attend practical grading, the player or parent/guardian must notify the Registrar / Grading Coordinator prior to grading. Placement into a team for this player will be based upon paper grading.

While it would be ideal to place players with their friends, the Grading Committee's duty is to select the best mix of teams to represent our club. We encourage our players to accept their team and make new friends, and once the season starts children usually settle in and enjoy playing netball. The support of parents is greatly encouraged for this to occur smoothly.

Team Announcements

Teams will be announced via the club website at at a time advised by the grading committee.

Glenwood NC aims to ensure team grading is conducted fairly and effectively. Players and parents are urged to be objective and reasonable in their expectations, and to encourage their children to be happy in their sport.

Grading Committee decisions are final and any queries in relation to team allocation must be put in writing to the club Secretary. Please note that the grading committee are not to be approached or contacted in relation to grading matters, all correspondence must go via the club Secretary.